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Good Oral Health For Great Overall Health


Dr. Cox & his team aim to educate you on how you can keep your teeth healthy and how to protect your gums from periodontal diseases. Our thorough cleanings and examinations will help prevent the risk of a disease.

If you are a high-risk periodontal patient,

Dr. Cox would recommend that you schedule three or four appointments a year. Call now and you will find that we have whitening specials regularly available as well.

Recommended yearly exams

The simplest way to avoid a periodontal disease is to take care of your teeth and gums. This includes flossing regularly and brushing gently to ensure that all harmful bacteria are properly removed from your mouth.

Ensure your mouth is clean

When brushing your teeth or flossing, look for signs of swollen or inflamed, red gums that bleed easily. These can be an early sign of gingivitis, which is the first stage of a periodontal disease.

Signs of a periodontal disease

Routine Exams and Thorough Cleanings

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